Benefit from On-Demand Staff Augmentation Planning and Fulfillment

Sourcing as a Service

On-Demand, Fit-for-Purpose Resource Support
  • Bridges skill gaps by accessing Deep Bench Ecosystem – across the globe.
  • Creates an Extensible Support Layer that adapts to changing business needs.
Transparent and Trackable Costing
  • Provides the advantage of standardization of resource costs.
  • Pricing in line with Industry Benchmarks and Experience based Baselines.
Significant reduction in Operational Overheads
  • Improves Profitability by lowering fixed People Cost.
  • Creates Cost Advantage by Sourcing Talent from geographies with lower billing rates.
  • Enables Long-term Continuity to reduce learning cycles and gaining better productivity.
Utilization Tracking and Productivity Optimization
  • Improved Throughput.
  • Greater Variance Controls.
  • Enhanced Fail-Safe Systems.
  • Real-time support for Incident Resolution.