Permanent Staffing

Lasting benefits of the right permanent staffing

Most companies realize that the long term success of their business is dependent on the team of permanent staff they employ. They are the ones who work diligently and continually to bring to fruition the long term vision of the company. As a leading provider of IT staffing solutions, TIG offers full life cycle permanent staffing services that will enable companies to rapidly move towards achievement of their long term goals. We do this by providing a 24X7 access to a pool of highly talented and experienced software professionals who can meet the strategic and long term goals of the organization.

Executive search at a success fee basis

We provide the expertise and thoroughness of an executive search firm on a contingent fee basis. Our dedicated team of placement professionals works tirelessly to locate, identify, match and place the best talent that the IT world has to offer, thus providing Permanent Staffing Solutions. We personally interview each candidate and undertake wide-ranging background checks to ensure the integrity of the candidate. We also undertake validation of the candidate’s IT skills on request. Our service is bound by one of the best guarantees in the business.

Benefits of our Permanent Staffing Service

  • Benefits of our Permanent Staffing Service
  • Permanent Staffing Solutions: As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the entire gamut of services:
  • Screening resumes.
  • Conducting technical and aptitude tests, in-depth interviews.
  • Verifying references.
  • Negotiating salaries.
  • We enable companies to focus on business goals without the distraction of the staffing process.